Making your Mental Health a priority

We hear comments like this all the time, nor do we let them pass into one ear and out the other? What are we going to do with it? Too much, we learn that it is only after people have breakdowns or burnouts that they plan to make themselves a priority and seek some much-needed support. However, we could all benefit from any direction and mental health consciousness.

How word of mouth influences us

It is unique to each of us: diverse lives necessitate different methods and therapies. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, nor is there a one-person-fixes-all solution. We’ve all heard of the famed “word of mouth” marketing technique, and it really is an extraordinary weapon and phenomena. When you see Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney sporting Nike sneakers, you know they’re going on your Christmas list. I see influencers all the time on my social media and say to myself, “I want that too.” My boys are always telling me that they see a gamer wearing something and now want to wear it themselves.

The Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, a Netflix documentary and worldwide controversy, is a prime example. A community of influencers were commissioned and paid to promote a music festival, which went viral and resulted in the sale of thousands of tickets, but nothing promised materialized. It was both a massive failure and an early triumph due to the force of control. Is this even true in therapy?

Therapy works

Getting care in some way, whether it’s for mental wellbeing or fitness, is a personal and significant path to take. Our mental condition will deteriorate to the point that we need rigorous psychology, psychiatric, behavioral therapy, and psychotherapy. Most times, we’ve developed bad thought behaviors, faulty mindsets, and toxic behavioral patterns and need to be counseled, encouraged, and trained through life’s struggles and stumbling blocks. We all go through life conditions, whether it’s depression, offense and anger problems, violence, relationship deterioration, or a variety of others, and they all have a treatment, a procedure, and an end result.

The key is which Mental Health strategy will work for you

The trick is to choose the best one for you, the right mental health direction and counsellor or coach. The stigma that has hung over mental health is shifting and lifting on a daily basis, particularly now, during these Covid-19 times; we are all affected and must manage these stressful, uncertain waters. Mental wellbeing is making a name for itself now more than ever, and the name is “We are here to help.” “We want to stay.” Your Mental Health Awareness is a life-changing concern, not just a smart concept. So, take the risk, inquire around, and do some testing. Make your mental health a top priority. Be your best self, content and at ease, and living your God-given reason.

Connectable Life is here to help you find the therapy that will work for you and the suitable professional that you can journey with. Making Your Mental Health Your Biggest Priority.




We are a Mind • Body • Wellness platform! Therapy in the convenience of your own space, at your own time and with your chosen specialist, through a built in web

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Connectable Life

Connectable Life

We are a Mind • Body • Wellness platform! Therapy in the convenience of your own space, at your own time and with your chosen specialist, through a built in web

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